Some people think that writing is an art. Bruce Healey thinks of it more as a sport: practice and challenge make perfect.

However, some people practice a lot but try to play the game with no idea of the rules! The results are losses: losses in revenue, losses in image and losses in time, as a result of chasing incomprehensible documents that may - or may not- contain great ideas.

Bruce Healey wants to change all that. Getting ideas across to a reader or an audience is a simple task that fewer and fewer people are able to perform. Take a look at this website and decide for yourself if Bruce can help your organization get its ideas across to clients, between employees and to decision makers.

You may not agree with Bruce’s opinions. But you understand what they are – can you say the same for those of your employees?

Dreams of a Tarantula coverBruce Healey's latest book "Small Dreams of a Tarantula" features Bruce Healey’s published columns, thoughts and opinions on a number of issues – contentious or otherwise. Read more...

The book has been reviewed by The Umbrella in Rio de Janeiro, where Bruce used to live. Read the review here.

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